11 Interesting Facts About Google


California - As an internet based company in the world, the Google deal with many complicated things at the same time. A wide variety of products and services besutannya almost always managed to be the top choice of technology users.

Call it the Google Search search engine that can not be separated from everyday life many people in the world. Or the Android operating system which is now adopted by most mobile devices on the market, and many more.

So many amazing things from Google. For more details, website Business Insider summarizes 11 amazing facts related to Google as follows:

1.  Google takes into account more than 200 factors you surfing habits before showing search results that are right for you in the Google Search page.

2. There are so many domains are using a play on the name of the site from Google, such as Gooogle.com, Gogle.com, Googlr.com, and much more.

3. Recorded on average there are about 2 million searches per second on Google Search.

4. Google handle projects large-scale technologies such as satellite, to small-scale projects such as the introduction of detailed ancient languages ​​in Gmail.

5. Larry Page and Sergey Brin to make Google Doodle Doodle August 1998 first describe Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert that was attended by employees of Google.

6. In 2013, approximately 91% of Google’s total revenues that reached $ 55.5 billion came from digital advertising.

7.  Google search index has a database of 100 million gigabytes.

8.  Google may be the only company that openly seeks to make site visitors do not linger on their pages.

9. Google has imaged approximately 5 miles of roads in various parts of the world for its Street View service in Google Maps.

10 . Google has acquired 24 companies in the year 2014.

11. More than 6 billion hours of video watched on YouTube each month.

Ferrari Never Breaks


MARANELLO - Ferrari Team Principal Marco Mattiacci states are required to make an increase in his car to be more competitive this season. Although the middle of the holiday, but the Prancing Horse team never stop the project.

After losing faster than Mercedes and Williams also on a number of series final race, but Ferrari was able to compete at the outpost while in Hungary. Yes, when it was Fernando Alonso competes with Daniel Ricciardo in the race for first place.

Mattiaci Admittedly, there is still one area that is far behind the Mercedes is the power unit. However, 43-year-old man said that Ferrari is not only focused on one point to make it more competitive.

We need to boost the performance of the car 360 degrees, not only the power to the unit, not only the aerodynamics, not just the chassis, but the entire team including the car. So, it is a big job to be done, “said Mattiaci, as reported by Crash, Thursday (14/08/2014).

Do I trust myself? I believe the team spirit that we are building and the quality of people we have, the strength, and the plans that we have. That is why I am confident, he continued.

Nowadays, competition of F1 (Formula One) is a mid-season holiday. Even so, Mattiaci states can not simply forget his position in the standings, and the project continues.

We do not stop to think that we will work on the project, so there is no cessation. We lagged 1.2 seconds off the pace. 1.2 seconds is heavy, the work it took many years. So, we can not allow us to stop and shut down mentally, “said Mattiaci.

Poetic Expression Obama for Robin Williams


LOS ANGELES, - The world of global entertainment industry overshadowed gray, Monday (11/08/2014), with the news of the death of actor Robin Williams (63). He was found dead at his home in California, with an initial guess for suicide.

The expression of grief came from all over the world, not just from the entertainment industry. The series was no exception sorrow words coming from United States President Barack Obama.

In a press release the White House released the president’s office and disseminated among others through the Twitter account of the White House, Obama said that Robin Williams was a pilot, a doctor, genie, caregivers, president, professor, Peter Pan, and other roles in between.

He was one of the (ever figures portraying it),” said a White House statement, which quoted no more than three hours after the first news of Williams‘s death was announced by police.

The statement continues with the sentence, He came in our life as an alien (role as Mork character), but he always ends (story) by touching every element of humanity.”

He made us laugh. He makes us cry,” the statement continued. He gave a variety of capabilities with very generous to those most in need, through roles as soldiers serving overseas to marginalized people around us.”

Through the statement, the Obama family condolences to Robin’s family, friends, and anyone who found herself singing and poetry through Robin Williams.

Obesity kills ’20000 Saudis Every Year’


RIYADH,  - Diabetes and Endocrine Association Arabia (SDEA) said the estimated number of children with diabetes will rise in the kingdom. Therefore, at this time there were approximately three million children and adults suffer from obesity. Similarly, Al-Hayat daily reported on Thursday (08/14/2014).

Rates of obesity in Saudi Arabia continues to increase even though the government is trying to combat obesity through health education in schools. In fact, the death rate from obesity in Saudi Arabia to reach 20,000 people annually.

Based on global statistics, there were 1.7 billion people suffering obesity worldwide. They become a financial burden for the government and increasing prevalence of obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and some types of cancer.

In a press statement, SDEA calling for action to combat obesity. These actions include changes in lifestyle, such as eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, losing weight, and controlling emotions.

Secretary General SDEA Dr. Kamel Salama said, exercise every day is the best way to prevent obesity. He added that the best exercise is walking at a moderate pace and a half hours every day.

Cycling and swimming are also good for improving public health and to enhance the body’s resistance to various diseases. Exercise also can reduce stress,” said Salama.

Salama also recommends a balanced healthy diet, including eating vegetables and dairy products low in fat. He also suggested to reduce the consumption of sugar and sweet foods.